Tranquil Earth Landscapes comprehensive service covers all aspects of landscaping. From designing the garden, to implementing the construction and finally maintaining your new living area to a high standard.


As qualified landscape designers we always encourage our clients to work from a Landscape plan. A meeting preferably on site allows us to ascertain your landscape requirements, lifestyle, vision and budget. We then develop a proposal which outlines the schedule of fees, and the type of plan that will be of most benefit for your particular project. Plans range from a landscape sketch plan to full master plans including construction detail and planting schedules.

Our office is based in the Southern Highlands of NSW and we are happy to provide a complimentary one hour consultation to clients within this area. Gardens designed throughout Australia have an initial consultation fee based on your geographic location.

Once the proposal has been approved we arrange a suitable time to complete a site analysis and to take digital images which will assist us in the design process.

In the weeks that follow we will liaise closely with you as the design is formulated and drawings begin to be drafted. Delivery of plans usually takes from three to four weeks.


There are three different aspects in which our Construction Division can assist to implement your new landscape.

  1. We can construct your new garden based on the plans that we have drawn in consultation with you. We find this the efficient method for you the client as you have the advantage of the designer being directly involved with the construction process. This allows the vision to be implemented correctly with no problems in communication. The plans are used to develop an accurate quotation of the works to be implemented. We do this in sections to assist you with budgeting, planning and prioritizing.
  2. Our construction team also builds gardens which have been designed by other architects. We have many testimonials from experienced architects and designers which testify to the High Quality of our work.
  3. We can also supervise the implementation of the design (someone to liaise between yourself and the contractor of your choice) so as to maintain the essence of the original design.

In general terms our professional team is versatile and extremely proficient in all aspects of landscape construction.


As the final step in the landscape process we can also provide a maintenance program for your newly established garden. Depending upon your needs, the program will include a regular schedule of fertilizing, pruning, mowing, weeding and watering, in order to maintain your asset to an acceptable standard.

A fee proposal based on the hours required per week, fortnight or month will be included. All our maintenance staff are trained in Horticultural Practice. Our maintenance division has recently extended its operation to caring for existing established gardens throughout the Highlands.